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"The 8-week music production and musical identity coaching program to launch your EP/Album."

Production Variables - Introduction

Production Variables - Introduction

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Work with me one-on-one to release your EP/Album in 8 weeks.

WEEKS 1-3 - Learn how to prioritize yourself and your energy and how this ties into the musical being that is YOU. Learn the power of leverage and the role it plays in channelling who you are into your music. BUILD and develop your own unique artistic persona. You will also begin work on your product.

WEEKS 4-6 - Learn a set of INDUSTRY-STANDARD mixing and mastering skills to PRODUCE your product.

WEEKS 7-8 - We LAUNCH YOU the artist and your product. You will finish the program with an understanding and a knowing that you have all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to forge your own path in music.

 As your one-on-one coach, I will guide you every step of the way. If you treat this as "just another course" then it will be "just another course". Commit 100% to these 8 weeks and you will achieve life-changing results.

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