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Li Heng Chan - Music Production Coach, Engineer/Producer, Pianist, Guitarist, Composer, Classroom Teacher

My mission is to help you mix music intuitively, develop listening skills and streamline your mixing workflow.

You have music recorded but lack the mixing skills to see it through to completion.
You have mixing skills but
lack a streamlined and organized workflow.
You have
wasted many hours trying to find the "right tutorial".
You are
unsure of your identity as a musical artist.
You are
unsure if people will even like your music.


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Through the 28-Day Streamline to Release program, you will:

Build a powerful
artistic identity for yourself and your music.
clarity and direction for the type of music you write.
critical listening skills to mix any genre of music.
Learn the
power of referencing.
Streamline your mixing workflow so you can release the next 100 or 1000 songs/EP/Albums for as long as you live!



Let's hear you out! You are the only version of yourself ever to exist! Don't sit on your greatness!


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