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Achieve professional results mixing and mastering your music from the comfort of your home.

For independent recording musicians and bands looking to mix and master their music without compromising quality at home.

So you have finished recording your track, what now? The “daunting” task of mixing and mastering awaits you? You’ve probably tried doing it several times and each time you’re not satisfied with how your track sounds, leaving you frustrated and confused as to what the problem could be?! Sometimes we all need a little guidance to see it! My name is Li Heng and here’s where I come in!


Direct 1-on-1 client mixing and mastering: I will personally hear you out in real time, collaborate and discuss your vision for your track (we get this step right first, NO ambiguity, NO bullshit, NO one has time for that) and mix and master your track for you.


Coaching: In addition to mixing and mastering your music for you, you also have the opportunity to work with me to gain the same skills for yourself! Develop listening skills and gain a streamlined mixing workflow for you or your band to sound engineer your own tracks from the comfort of your home and to benefit ALL-ROUND LISTENING COMPETENCE (not just mixing!). This is why we have created this space for independent musicians and bands recording and mixing and mastering music from their own homes. This has been achieved by other people, why can’t you? See below for the programs I offer.


Soundtrack Composer: I am a composer for short films, specifically for stunt reels. If you are a stunt performer looking for original high energy rock and metal inspired music to your reel, I am your guy.

Click here to see a partial portfolio of my work.

See what past clients have to say below!

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Studio Services
*All prices in AUD

Mixing and Mastering - $300 per track
Mixing only - $250 per track
Mastering only - $200 per track
Reamping - $20 per stem

All Studio Services (excl. Reamping) come with:
1. Free ebook - Approaches to Intuitive Mixing
2. Free "Test the Mix" workshop to help recording musicians maintain objectivity when recording at home.
3. Reference Track Guide and Template - to help you define your goal mix.
4. Mixing Workflow Guide - The entire mixing process at a glance.

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Blitz Mix

Coming soon.

- Must have material ready to mix.



This accelerator is designed to equip you with the listening skills, the understanding of basic mixing tools to launch you the artist and your first/next single in 28 days. We will help you break through everything that is holding you back as the artist and the sound engineer.

- Must have material ready to mix.


Work with me directly as we see through the album mixing and mastering process together in 8 weeks.

- Must have an EP/Album ready to mix.

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"I highly recommend Li Heng Chan for his exceptional skills as a sound engineer and music producer. Li Heng recently mixed and mastered "WOOFIE," the debut single for my band, The Ferals (HK), and the results were nothing short of explosive. The whole process of working with Li was super smooth. His portfolio on his website demonstrates his keen ear and technical proficiency. We had an initial meeting and then sent him examples of songs we wanted to have a similar 'vibe' with. Li clarified technical and songwriting elements before diving into his mix. His work on "WOOFIE" showcases his talent for bringing out the best in a track while maintaining its raw energy. I would most definitely want Li to mix all our band's tracks in the future; his dedication to helping us achieve our vision was outstanding."
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